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Appreciation Points Program

D.A.N.’s Board of Directors has created an “Appreciation Points Program” to award members that attend and contribute the Dallas Amputee Network, it’s values and members.


The program’s intent is to carry on Ellen’s legacy; to continue an organization that is responsible and benefits the Dallas amputee community, their caregivers, families and supporters.


Every 3-6 months The D.A.N. board will announce award winners. Awards can include dinners, movie tickets and gift cards.


The program is simple. Each time you participate in a D.A.N. activity or event you will be awarded points. Members working to create, host, or organize a group activity can also receive point(s).


The "D.A.N. Activity Points Award Chart,” below includes a list of activities and events included in the program.


Have an idea or suggestion?

        We’d love to hear it. Contact one of D.A.N.’s board members by email or phone.



  • The program awards points for regularly scheduled D.A.N. meetings, activities and programs.

  • Other or outside events are activities that benefit both our organization, members as a group and support D.A.N. values and awareness.

  • Although D.A.N. as a whole, promotes healthy lifestyles and well-being, the program is not intended to award points gained for individual activities or performances.

  • To receive points for non-D.A.N. or outside activities; whether you are a participant or organizing the activity or event, the D.A.N. board MUST be consulted PRIOR to the event for approval. If approved you will also be given the point value for your participation in the activity.



  • Track your activities on the “D.A.N. - Member Appreciation Activity Log.”

  • Turn in forms at the meeting following the month’s activities.

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