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The Dallas Amputee Network is more that a support organization. Working tirelessly to support our members, caregivers, friends along with the broader amputee community, we are more like an extended family.
Unfortunately, from tine-to-time we lose a family member.  While its hard to properly express our grief, we celebrate their lives remembering the best in people and the great times we've had them.
We pray for their families and those closest to them confident in knowing they are in a better place.
Caleb Joseph Gaddis
April 21, 1985 - December 6, 2018

Caleb passed away unexpectedly on Thursday December 6th from a massive heart attack. The heart problems were brought on due to complications from 21 years with Type 1 Diabetes.


Caleb was a single father of 3 children; Aden - 11, Addison - 10, and Cody - 8). Caleb’s mother, Wanda will be taking care of the children.


To see comments and pictures view his Facebook page @:

Tammy Myers
- April 6, 2018

Speaking about her her support group Amputees in Motion (AIM Decatur, TX), Tammy said,

“I had finally found my passion and my purpose! What a blessing!


I started working out, being a social butterfly, not taking no for an answer and learned I was stronger than I ever knew.


After speaking to old and young people alike without judgment, I learned one can make a difference.


To kick off the inspiring nature of AIM, I went skydiving with my son to show that life doesn’t end after amputation; there’s always a way to do things and live your dreams.”

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of beloved Tammy Myers.  Tammy passed away on April 6th after a valiant battle with cancer.


A strong voice for the limb loss/ limb difference community, she worked tirelessly to help others adjust and live their best lives. She left a legacy of service to the limb loss community that will continue through her support group Amputees in Motion (AIM Decatur, TX).


Tammy became an above knee amputee in 2007 due to a blood clot. Determined to turn a tragedy into a triumph, within one year she rallied and founded her support group. She threw her heart and talents into her support group and helped countless people in the community through her efforts.  

Always quick to pick up the phone to contact somebody in need of a supportive ear, Tammy helped countless amputees adjust to limb loss over the past decade. She made friends wherever she went and was an active peer visitor through the Amputee Coalition.


Her bubbly personality helped to bring the timid out of their shells, and she had a knack for making everybody feel comfortable.

Tammy will be deeply missed by those who knew her. The limb loss/ limb difference community is better because of her efforts. We honor her legacy and her spirit. 

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