The Dallas Amputee Network

The Dallas Amputee Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mailing Address: 1303 Green Meadow, Richardson, TX 75081

D.A.N.'s Mission

D.A.N.'s Members, Supporters and the Community Tirelessly Work To:

To Provide Support, Inspiration, and Enlightenment to 

Fellow Amputees and Their Caregivers


To Promote Independence and Well-Being, So That They May Thrive 

Through an Active, Empowered Lifestyle.

D.A.N. is about people.  We work to support, guide, mentor and accept all.
Periodically we lose a loved one. Our Memorial Pages celebrate these loved ones.
Providing More/Better Information
  • Forming an Amputee Resource Guide to support each other and to give to new amputees. This includes a list of our trained peer visitors, sponsors of DAN, ADA and DARS information and other helpful resources

  • Providing a DVD or videotape of rehabilitated DAN members to new amputees or to those facing amputation

  • Providing information and connections to sports organizations (golf, sled hockey, disc golf, amputee soccer, wheelchair basketball and volleyball)

  • Helping with insurance and disability issues through DARS and working for insurance reform (Statewide effort)


To Benefit Our Support Group
  • Developing a network of communication for caregivers to support each other (especially for mentoring spouses and children of new amputees)

  • Organizing monthly movie/game nights at someone’s house or church

  • Printing publicity items and DAN business cards to increase awareness of DAN

  • Working on fund-raising ideas and projects (i.e., silent auction)

  • Forming committees for greeters at monthly meetings, membership contact and reminding, keeping up with people in hospitals, etc.

D.A.N.'s Goals

Service Activities
  • Providing more Student Models for UT-Southwestern students in the Prosthetics and Physical Therapy Programs

  • Developing a stronger rapport with a contact at each local hospital in order to mentor more new amputees through phone and in-person visits

  • Supporting the Scottish Rite PALS organization (Prosthetic and Limb-Deficient Support Group), i.e. mentoring to teens and parents and providing speakers

  • Donating old, previously-used prosthetic limbs for amputees here and overseas

D.A.N. Board Member

Johnny Pena

D.A.N. Board Members

Gina Jenkins, Tommy Donahue, Ronald Barnes, Jerry Fernandes

Financial Responsibility

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, D.A.N. is an all volunteer organization with no paid employees. D.A.N. operates on very limited resources.


The Dallas Amputee Network supports amputees, their families and caregivers throughout the  Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington, TX Metropolitan areas. 

As the nation's largest amputee support organization of it's type, D.A.N. not only sets a great example for other support groups, but works to serve thousands of individuals annually through the dedication of hundreds of volunteers and our nationwide network of  support organizations, collaborating partners and their websites.


Held annually at Milo Butterfingers, one of Dallas' top long-standing sports bar and grills, Legapalooza is a charity event organized to benefit the Dallas Amputee Network.


Legapalooza was founded in 2010 by amputee and Milo’s manager, Tommy Donahue. Tommy has been an amputee for over 35 years, having lost his right leg after he was struck by a car while trying to fill his car with gas.


Located on SMU Blvd. and Greenville Avenue, Milo’s dedicates the bar one Sunday each summer to Legapalooza. In addition to the comradery, food, games, raffle, drinking and a silent auction, an outdoor stage is set up next to the bar.  


The day includes performances from multiple bands “Amputee Elvis,” a local comedian and a live auction.


Amputees present their personal interest stories as part of D.A.N.'s goal to bring awareness to the community.


All proceeds from Legapalooza are donated to support the Dallas Amputee Network's mission and goals.

Need to Talk to Someone? Looking for Guidance?

Contact The Dallas Amputee Network

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The Dallas Amputee Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mailing Address: 1303 Green Meadow, Richardson, TX 75081

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